DrupalCamp Wrocław

Only 3 weeks to Drupal Camp

Drupal Camp Wroclaw will take place in about 3 weeks. We already know the plan for this year's



This year, we start on Friday at 10am with a Code Sprint when we will try to help to develop Drupal 8, Allegro module

and a FoodCoop system. The Code Sprints will be led by Jarek Sobiecki, Rafał Enden and Karol Bryksa. Meanwhile in

the next room, Karol Węcławski and Jarosław Bartman will hold a workshop on developing Drupal 7 templates. Due to a

Hotel for attendees.

Orbis Wrocław Hotel prepared special discounts for the attendees of the conference. You will pay only 209 PLN for a single and 240 PLN for a double room. At the reservation, please use a password: Politechnika Wrocławska. Reservations should be made via email to H3397-RE@accor.com. The rooms for the attendees of the conference reserved by the Hotel will be available to 15.05.2015 Reserve your time and meet with us in Wrocław, 29-31 May :)